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• Nitration

• Grignard Reaction

• Chlorination

• Wittig Reaction  

• Fluorination

• Hoffman degradation

• Acylation / Amidation

• Friedel Crafts reaction

• Esterification / Etherification

• Dieckmann cyclisation

• Amination / Condensation / Cyclisation

• Claisen Schmidt condensation

• Hydrogenation (low pressure)

• Michael addition 

• Bredereck imidazole synthesis

• Adams decarboxylation

• Chichibabin pyridine synthesis

• Saponification

• Balbiano pyrazole synthesis

 • Heterocyclic chemistry 

Our superiority:
design of synthesis process
strong pilot and production transfer ability
large product technology bank
familiar to many unit reactions
rapid and high-efficient organization and arrangement


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